Master Thesis at CrossControl hos CrossControl AB

CrossControl develops and delivers electronic equipment and software solutions for industrial vehicles and machines. The customers are large global companies such as John Deere, Atlas Copco and Bombardier. The company has 200 employees in Sweden which form the core of an international organization with operations in Finland, Germany, China and the USA.

CrossControl consider the collaboration with the university and students as a key to RND where students extend our capability in cover in new technology areas. CrossControl have a solid track record with realizing Master Theses together with students and this has been ongoing for more than twenty years. CrossControl normally continually have at least one Master Thesis ongoing on each office, and plan to continue with this strategy.

CrossControl is now seeking for hungry students doing Master Thesis with target challenging work and career opportunities in helping leading manufacturers of industrial vehicles and machines with solutions for human vehicle control. You will work with the latest technology as we develop and deliver advanced electronics and system solutions for our customers' needs. We are based in Uppsala, Västerås, Alfta and Tampere but with customers worldwide, there is opportunities in foreign service abroad.

We are currently looking for candidates in the following areas:

  • Next generation HMI frameworks (30hp), for researching alternatives to the current Qt and QML in our software platform
  • Bluetooth, (30hp), as media for Infotainment, vehicle synchronization, program loading and service tool. Thesis shall investigate how this is done within the modern cars today and then implement an application on the in-car-display.
  • Video AR (Machine learning), (30hp), research how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be utilized for supporting the operator of heavy machines.
  • QtWebEngine, (30hp), investigate how to integrate a web platform for Qt and examination performance and how these components are deployed and utilized on CrossControl hardware devices.
  • Google Coral stick, (30hp), investigate how this can be integrated on CrossControl hardware devices and utilized for supporting the operator of heavy machines.
  • AR field ISOBUS, (30hp), Using Augmented reality and visualize precision farming to indicate for the tractor driver where to drive, where he is heading and in which area that is already processed.
  • Safety/sequrity/dockers, (30hp), in investigating safety and security aspect in supporting 3rd party SW to be integrated on CrossControl hardware devices.
  • Extern video, (30hp), via wifi/mobil importing/exporting video streams to CrossControl hardware devices
  • Birds eye view, (30hp), investigating opportunities in deploying support for Birds eye view CrossControl display devices to get real surround vision of driving, help to avoid blind spots and secure driving safety in vehicles application.
  • Mqtt, (30hp), Vehicle IoT and open cloud computing standards for interconnecting data between vehicle display computer and cloud solution.
  • Dual display concept and sizeable UIs, (30hp), investigating opportunities in distributing data and vehicle information in several displays to visualize data more efficient to the vehicle driver.
  • User interface for Robot Control, (30hp), user interface for robot control in our production site.
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