Master Thesis: Mixed Reality Optical Test Set hos Tobii

Tobii Tech focuses on integrating Tobii’s core eye tracking technology into laptops, PC games, cars, industrial vehicles, medical image processing and many more products. If you want to be part of pioneers that take gaze control to new, exciting mass markets, we may have just the job for you!

Tobii is the world leader in eye tracking – a technology that allows a computer to tell exactly where a person is looking. Eye tracking is used in a broad range of applications including market research and eye-controlled computer interfaces. Headquartered in Stockholm Tobii covers the global market with offices in USA, China, Japan, Norway, UK and South Korea. If you want to work with meaningful products and solve interesting problems, we might be the right company for you!

The main objective of the thesis work is to participate in a team that will design, build and test a stereoscopic optical setup generating controlled virtual images for mixed reality applications to study eye tracking. You will have individual assignments suitable for a thesis report.

Eye tracking is a key enabler for next generation virtual, augmented and mixed reality head mounted displays. A deeper understanding of human perception and limitations is needed for designing next generation display technologies and eye trackers. This custom optical setup would enable a wide range of eye tracking experiments to approach ground truth and understand limitations.

We are more than 10 developers in the optronics team where most of the employees have a research background in optics. We develop custom cameras, illuminators and other optical components for all eye-trackers at Tobii.

In this role, you will write a master thesis report on an eye tracking integrated custom mixed reality optical setup and its implementations to study eye tracking. We are a highly qualified team supporting you in daily work.

Your days will be filled with

  • Helping to build, align and calibrate the setup
  • Testing and measurement in the lab of real eyes
  • Image collection and data analysis
  • Presenting results and discussion with colleagues
  • Writing thesis report

We are looking for someone who

Has a passion for optics, studying your last year at Engineering Physics program or similar. You enjoy hands-on work in the optics laboratory and are curious about learning how to perform experimental work, analyzing and interpreting eye tracking images. Programming skills in image analysis in MATLAB or similar can be useful but it is not a requirement.

Your application should include:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Transcripts

At Tobii we believe that diversity strengthens us. Regardless if you walk around in high heels or prefer to go barefoot; if you’re a huge gamer or if you haven’t played a game since Pacman was released; if Stockholm is where you grew up or if your roots are somewhere else. It is the pride and happiness in what we do that make us come together.

Please address your questions to Peter Blixt, and submit your resume through our website as soon as possible, don't wait! At Tobii, we move quickly!

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