Master student for product design of enrollment device for biometric smartcard at Fingerprint Cards AB


Biometric smartcard is a product that soon will be in every persons hand. Instead of entering the PIN when you are purchasing, it will be enough to use the fingerprint from your thumb when holding the card. See more on:


One important buildingblock is to have a cost-efficient, user friendly and sustainable solution to power the smartcard during the registration.

With the roll-out of biometric smartcard, the current solution also require to ship out a device to power the payment card when the fingerprint will be registered, i.e. a power sleeve.

Videos on enrollment:

The work consist of:

Evaluating different material and design choices for a suitable solution.

Performing a study and system design of a device that can power a smartcard.

Making the design of electronics and mechanics of the device

The device shall be designed with sustainability in mind as well as a low cost.


Schematic and design documents of electronics

Design and CAD files for the mechanics

Deployment (manufacturing capability) of a device and making sure it is possible to produce at different production sites.

(Study how well the device work on un-trained persons)

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