MSc thesis students for Blockchain development project at Alite International

Alite International is an end to end strategic IT partner that have a strong innovation culture and drives our clients businesses forward with disruptive visions brought to life with increased business value. As part of our ecosystem we create solutions that are cutting edge and digitally transform whole markets.

One of the concepts we want to realise for a whole business segment is based on blockchain technology and services that can be provided upon the technology and we are certain that it will game change that market for the future. 

The project will be in a start-up similar mode where you are asked to be part of a team of student to deliver the technical solution for this. This can be applied for as an indiviual that wants to be part of that team, or as an existing team of 3-4 that would like to take this challenge on. We can assure that it will be very interesting and very right in time for success.

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