Mapping the future of interactive entertainment at OpenStory Group

We are a startup company developing an AI-driven content producer, enabling the creation of highly interactive and immersive stories for computer games, while greatly reducing cost of creating this content.

The computer game industry is in a flux – the ecosystem and business models are changing rapidly, making it difficult to develop a business strategy. First television was disrupted because of the internet, which enabled streaming TV on demand. Now we see the early stages of the same disruption to the gaming industry in the form of cloud gaming (e.g. Google Stadia, Geforce Now). What does the future look like?

  • Will we see a merger between traditional streaming platforms (e.g. Netflix, HBO) with cloud gaming platforms, as streaming platforms compete on quantity and range of content to attract a broader audience?
  • How will AR/VR/MR transform mobile entertainment?
  • How will audience preferences and purchasing habits be shaped by the evolution of the gaming ecosystem?
  • Which game genres and formats will be most appealing to audiences and best suited to future gaming platforms?

If these or similar questions pique your interest, we would like to work with you, to identify barriers to entry onto this market and opportunities for attracting audiences and generating revenue.

Communication can be in Danish or English depending on your preferences.

The technology we are developing combines AI and scenario-based storytelling techniques, making it possible to populate game worlds with characters which act emotionally and socially like real people. These characters are the heartbeat of stories, as they pursue narrative and personal goals in collaboration and competition with each other and the player.

One of our founders has worked with business strategy, target audience analysis and business planning as an entrepreneur and educator. He has also worked as an associate professor at AAU, so he is skilled in giving theoretical and practical feedback to students. It is important for us that this collaboration is of benefit to you on your future career path.

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