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Posted 1 week ago

Why start your career in technology sales?  

Tech is booming and will be the hottest industry for the coming decades. So, if you don’t develop the next Instagram, you better be part of one of their business development teams. 

Your paycheck compared to other industries is awesome. Entry level salary packages vary between €45.000,- and €70.000,- on target earnings. Most of the companies will reward your overperformance as well with compensation on top of this.

You will experience infinite career opportunities in tech sales. Let us explain the typical career paths here:

  1. Move into sales management  
    This is great path for people who are passionate about leadership, teamwork, strategy and like to see the big picture. Sales leaders at medium and large sized technology companies are always richly compensated.
  2. Remain as an individual contributor, working larger and more complex deals.  
    This is a great path for people who enjoy independence, competition, and have an appreciation for detail. Sales people in the top 20% at SaaS and technology companies typically earn between $250,000-$500,000 year.
  3. Move horizontally into marketing or customer success  
    This is a path for people who are using sales as a short term or medium-term stepping stone. Many successful marketing- and customer success executives began their career in sales.

What can we offer you  

  • Multiple career opportunities at Europe’s hottest technology companies
  • Salaries between €45k - €70k per year
  • Working with young, like-minded people
  • An awesome entry level job in the new tech capital of Europe: Amsterdam

Your background  

  • Master’s degree (or bachelor’s with right motivation)
  • Between 0-2 years of working experience
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Fluent in one (or more) of the following languages: English, Dutch, French or German

Why apply through Nobel Recruitment?  

Nobel has an extensive network of cool companies who are looking for talent like you! Most of the opportunities are never going to be published online and are only exclusively available for people in our network.

How do we work?  

One of our specialized consultants will contact you for an introductory call. In this call, we are going to focus on who you are and where you want to go with your career. Based on your preferences, we will discuss a number of relevant opportunities with you and we will introduce you to the companies that are most appealing to you.

Once you get invited to interviews with our clients we will help you prepare. Since we are in close contact with the hiring managers, we are able to give you the right advice and make sure you ace your interviews.

Finally, we will act as your agent and represent you in your contract negotiations, to make sure you receive the best possible offer!

What is next?  

Contact us for more information or simply hit the "apply now" button to get one step closer to the career you have always dreamed of.

Take care of yourself and your career.

So lets connect!

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