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Below you can meet 4 of our passionate and talented Graduates here at GN. They are part of the global two-year Graduate Program within Engineering, Finance or Marketing

Samuel Liew, GN Finance Graduate, 2019-2021

The flat hierarchy and collaborative nature of the Danish workplace and in particular at GN is unique and has encouraged me to begin my professional journey here. The GN Graduate Program has given me the opportunity to explore multiple career interests alongside a network of capable and supportive colleagues. I’m able to meaningfully contribute to GN both at headquarters but also “on the ground” at a local entity in my upcoming rotation abroad.

Farah Ines Saied, GN Marketing Graduate 2018-2020

The GN Graduate Program has meant a professional and personal development for me. The ability to rotate in different departments and in the market gives a profound understanding of the business and the processes. On a personal level, you get to meet and work with many different people and managers which makes you very agile but also gives you a better understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t and how to communicate that. You will constantly learn, feel challenged, developed, and experience growth while having an impact on the organization as you will get the opportunity to work with important projects involving key stakeholders.

Jonas Holfelt, GN Engineering Graduate 2018-2020

I have had a passion for sound and music for a long time, and it is the essence of my everyday life. Good sound is important, and I would like to do my part in developing systems and software solution to help improve it. The best thing about being an Engineering Graduate at GN is the freedom of using our skills and interests in benefit of the company guided by our supervisors.