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In GN, we always have our eyes open for talented people to join our mission of Making Life Sound Better. There are many ways to kickstart your career with us. For you who are or have just finished studying there are three straightforward entry points to meet us and possibly land a fulltime career – career fairs, Graduate Assessment Day, and student work. Every year, we participate in various career fairs, meeting a lot of great candidates, one of them is Martin Damgaard who now works with us as a Test Coordinator – read his story below. The Graduate Assessment Day, conducted twice a year, is where we scan for new Graduates and sometimes we also meet talents fitted for our fulltime positions. This year, seven candidates were hired for fulltime positions, one of them is Inaki, who you can meet below. Finally, you can join us as one of our student assistants, who we often hire for their first job after they finalize their studies. Read Timea’s story below.

Meet Martin, our Test Coordinator

In March, Martin visited our stall at the DSE Career Fair and participated in our contest about how to reduce noise. As 1 of 10 participants with the best results, he was invited to a networking event in April. At this network event Martin talked to our colleagues from HR about his CV and possible job openings in GN and Martin also had a chance to meet other engineers already working in GN. After the event Martin applied for a position as a Mechanical Engineer. Martin’s application was brilliant, and he had the skills needed for the position, so he was invited for an interview, competing with other great applicants as part of our recruitment process. Long story short, Martin started in GN in August 2018 as a Mechanical Engineer.

Learn about Inaki, our Mechanical Design Engineer

With my interest in product development, I found the Engineering Graduate Program in GN a great opportunity to boost my career. I took part in the Assessment Day together with other very talented people, and enjoyed a cool day working on a team challenge – which my team won! Soon after, I received notice that I did not get the graduate position – instead I was offered a permanent position as Mechanical Design Engineer, and I absolutely love it! After a couple of months I have already traveled to China twice, and I am learning and enjoying every day.

Read Timeas story, our Mechanical Design Engineer

I started in GN as a student assistant, after writing my bachelor thesis with GN as well. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that when the time came for me to write my master thesis, I cancelled my original plans to move to South Korea and stayed in GN, writing my Masters. Being a student assistant was fun – the tasks were great and helped me get to know my way around the company for when I later was employed fulltime as a Mechanical Engineer. Almost two years later, I still look back and I think to myself how lucky I am – GN feels like my second home now, and working here is a daily fulfilling experience.