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Experience a glimpse of personal stories from some of our partners. 

What defines purpose for you?

“For me, it is important to create value that lasts – both for the clients and for society. I truly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute beyond profit. I have a personal drive to work with complex situations. Problems that are highly complex, interlinked with many issues and that require multi-disciplinary competences to solve, such as resource scarcity, climate change and migration.

“I came to Sweden as a refugee, and my childhood taught me a lot about inequality, discrimination and sustainability. In my professional life, I have learnt that big corporations can play an immense role in developing innovative, financially viable and sustainable solutions. Corporations have a huge impact on society and on people’s lives. We can make an impact that goes far beyond many other sectors.” // Bahare Haghshenas, Consulting

Leaders who care

“It is essential to us that you evolve in a direction that truly motivates you, and that you receive all the tools necessary to keep up with both the interesting challenges and the great opportunities you encounter.

“We believe that leadership that is close to you is crucial to your path to success. Therefore, our leadership structure is built on this belief, so coaches, managers and team leaders will be an important part of your everyday working life, providing you with the exact support and coaching you need. In order to develop your talents and strengths, our dialogue-based approach to performance will provide you with rapid feedback, as well as giving you and your coach a strong foundation for the ongoing dialogue about your career.” // Tenna Jørgensen, Audit & Assurance

Talent development is my finest task

“I consider being part of accelerating the development of our talents as one of my most important tasks as a leader. I like to be close to our talents, understand their motivation and their capabilities, and work together with them to improve and develop. Nothing brings me more excitement than seeing talents grow and excel – in both the short term and the long term.” // Anders Morand, Partner in Risk Advisory 

How do you empower talents as part of your work?

“I try to understand them. Their learning curve, their motivation and their background. By doing so, I can provide them with autonomy and display trust with the purpose of increasing the confidence each talent has in their own abilities. As a leader, it is about finding their boundary between comfort and discomfort, and continuously challenging them to walk along that fine line. Furthermore, it is about encouraging them to develop and pursue their own ideas so that they will start to feel comfortable with their own voice.

“Moreover, I do not expect that my team members will never make mistakes – that is simply impossible in an environment of constant learning. When I encourage them to take responsibility and to manage tasks that are slightly out of their comfort zone, I cannot expect more than that they own the task and manage it as well as possible. Sometimes that means they surprise themselves completely, and sometimes they make mistakes. I do not expect that talents will never make mistakes, but I expect them to handle the ones they do make with intelligence and to learn from them.” // Thomas Berthelsen, Partner in Financial Advisory.

How would you define our way of collaborating?

“Everyone performs as a team and takes personal responsibility to ensure that we become a success. It is very characteristic of us that we work together and not just for ourselves. We collaborate in such a way that ensures that everyone can learn and evolve. That inspires me and makes me look forward to coming to work every day.” // Anne Bach, Partner, Tax & Legal.