For many recent and upcoming graduates, finding out what jobs actually are a good match can be hard. But it shouldn’t be! Reading between the lines and figuring out if you can do the job is easier than you think!

If you also struggle with decoding job listings, we have some tips for you.

Step 1: Use the Matching Score

The platform’s matching score is a wonderful way to find out how good of a match you are. It measures your profile up against the job requirements - and tells you how good of a fit you are.

Find the matching score in the top left corner of each job post. It’s a score from 0-100% - and everything above 60% is worth exploring! 

To make sure the matching score is accurate and playing in your favor, check that all sections of your profile are filled out fully and correctly. We encourage you to routinely check your profile to make sure the most relevant jobs are being shown to you. 


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Step 2: Find keywords in the job post

Sometimes, job listings can list many different skills - so how do you make sure to find the most relevant ones? You look for keywords in the listing!

The title of the job vacancy, alongside the company itself, can give you some clues. Are there words or areas that appear multiple times? Then these are most likely essential skills for the role.

If you have these skills - soft or hard - make sure you highlight them in your profile and CV before you apply.

Step 3: Use must-have sections actively

Most job listings also have a “must-have” or “preferable skills” section. This is your hitlist to show that you are the perfect fit for the job. If you know you fulfil over half of the required skills, show the employer!

Don’t be afraid to highlight these specific skills in your profile, or even mention them in your cover letter. Showing how you’ve applied these skills in the past is a great way to showcase them without being obvious.


We hope this guide on how to understand job posts was useful! Now that you've decoded the job advertisement, it's time to stand out to recruiters! We have a guide for that here.

Application Guide - Understanding Job Posts and Getting the Job